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Poker May Be Aspiring – But Is It Worth Playing?

If you are an aspiring poker professional or just looking for a handy guide to impress your peers through your poker skills, you have come to the right place. Here, we’ll guide you through the basics of what it takes for you to be proficient and deft at online poker.

There is no dearth of strategies and tips material in the cyber world today. You can find a plethora of articles and blogs detailing the nuances and tricks of succeeding at online poker. However, saturating your mind just by reading through all the material available will be futile unless you start putting your knowledge to test through their real-world application. It is a trial and error process. There is many different games like slots, American Roulette, Domino 99 etc. to benefit from.

poker aspiring

You’ll fail. You’ll lose. But don’t let these failures be a deterrent to your progress and don’t let them impede your hunger for the game. There is no substitute to real world application in the world of online poker. It is a game of nerves. Whatever you read, whatever you learn will be futile if you fail to put all that knowledge and learning into practice when it matters the most.

A beginner is bound to go bankrupt at the start because he will be going up and against people who are at the top of their game. So, go in expecting failure and disappointment. Take it on the chin like a champ and get back up. This is why we stress on the importance of online poker.

Because it is available 24/7 throughout day and night. There are innumerous online poker games connecting poker beginners and aficionados alike from all over the globe. These games are free and easy to use. Use these games as tools to hone your poker skills without breaking your bank before you step into the real world.

Best Online Poker Websites of 2016


It doesn’t matter in which part of the world you live or whatever are your gaming preferences like bankroll, geographic location. We will help you to find some of the best online poker websites of 2016 that bring in value, best promotions, helps to boost your bankroll and give you the opportunity to play online poker both free and for real money. You can participate in tournaments, social vibe and try new things that are worth you signing up for these platforms. Above all, you will meet new players, try different lobbies and gain more experience.

1: 888 Poker

It is a great website, and 90% of the people prefer playing Poker at 888 Poker. Though some say the software isn’t that good as the website is still there are loads of games inside to choose from and play. The only thing to dislike are those shitty ads during the game.

2: William Hill Poker

A website that clicks your mind whenever someone says poker. It is also the oldest and largest bookmakers in the UK and it receives tons of traffic and promotions. They also offer $16 million in prize money every month to one of the lucky players, probably the top grinders in the poker world. The website gets shit loads of traffic and most of the times all the tables are filled with some wild and loose players.

Their software is very solid, and the lobby has a great and user-friendly design with a great 24/7 customer service.

3: BandarQ

Last but not the least is the BandarQ online poker platform. It is one of the tops and leading online gambling sites of Indonesia. What makes it great is that you don’t need to download any software. Signup, deposit money, sit on a table and start gambling right away.

Why You Should Not Play Poker For a Living?

Playing poker as your permanent gig sounds so cool especially when you are great at it. You get to say goodbye to the 8:00am – 5:00pm routine and choose your own working hours. You can even take a vacation whenever you want. And let’s not forget it’s one of the most intriguing games in the world that gives you such a great rush. However, you need to know a few not so good things before you decide to take this road.

Pro poker playing

  • You will need to work hard

You can only play poker for a living if you are a winning player. To become one, you will have to buy just about every book on poker and read almost everything you can get your hands on about the game poker. There will also be hours of training and practice before you can get into the big leagues. Be prepared for losses and disappointments along the way.

  • You will have to set income

Be prepared to have big wins, small wins, huge losses and a few small losses too. You will have to be prepared for anything and know how to manage your finances well.

  • Be prepared to work all day

Before you become a pro poker player playing really high limits, you might have to spend hours on end playing so as to meet the rent and pay the other bills you need to be. Sitting in front of a computer or in a casino all day is not only exhausting but causes great health risks.

  • It will be hard balancing your other obligations

Family, house chores and other responsibilities including a friend’s wedding will be calling for your attention. It might be hard balancing your new ‘job’ with all these other things especially when no one seems to understand how being your own boss is not as easy as it sounds.

Either way if it’s your passion, this should only prepare you not discourage you. Go for it. Where there is a will, there is a way.

How is the game of poker played?

The term poker is heard, and the first thing in mind comes as the game of gambling. This particular game belongs to the family of the card games. Most games in gambling are all about betting and the major thing focused in all such type of the games is about the betting and making money while you enjoy it.

poker playing

Many wish to learn poker, but the main thing that happens in this is to have patience. The professional poker players have gained so much knowledge because of the number of months and years that they had invested in learning and in mastering this game.

Some of us want the professional poker tips so that we could master the game without wasting money by directly playing in poker.

In a casual gameplay of the poker, the way in dealing hand typically has to be rotated between the players and then that is marked by a token which is called the dealer button. Then the house dealer at the casino handles a card that is decided for each hand.

All cards have to be dealt in the clockwise direction on the poker table and also one at a time. Some players are supposed to do the forced bets that are usually the blind bet or the ante. The dealer has to shuffle all cards and then the player should get the right cuts and also that dealer has to deal properly with appropriate cards in terms of proper numbers one at a time.

The poker tips are numerous when it’s about the playing of this game with proper techniques. There are many tips out there for playing poker. The first is always to play the game only when you are not drunk because decisions often go wrong in such state. And make sure you don’t set high limits because that could lead to loss of money instead of profiting. Paying attention to other players’ way of playing can also save you from making a mistake that may occur while you face a similar situation in the game of poker.