Best Online Poker Websites of 2016


It doesn’t matter in which part of the world you live or whatever are your gaming preferences like bankroll, geographic location. We will help you to find some of the best online poker websites of 2016 that bring in value, best promotions, helps to boost your bankroll and give you the opportunity to play online poker both free and for real money. You can participate in tournaments, social vibe and try new things that are worth you signing up for these platforms. Above all, you will meet new players, try different lobbies and gain more experience.

1: 888 Poker

It is a great website, and 90% of the people prefer playing Poker at 888 Poker. Though some say the software isn’t that good as the website is still there are loads of games inside to choose from and play. The only thing to dislike are those shitty ads during the game.

2: William Hill Poker

A website that clicks your mind whenever someone says poker. It is also the oldest and largest bookmakers in the UK and it receives tons of traffic and promotions. They also offer $16 million in prize money every month to one of the lucky players, probably the top grinders in the poker world. The website gets shit loads of traffic and most of the times all the tables are filled with some wild and loose players.

Their software is very solid, and the lobby has a great and user-friendly design with a great 24/7 customer service.

3: BandarQ

Last but not the least is the BandarQ online poker platform. It is one of the tops and leading online gambling sites of Indonesia. What makes it great is that you don’t need to download any software. Signup, deposit money, sit on a table and start gambling right away.

Bookmaker Bonus Rules

So, you have just signed up for a new bookmaker and can’t wait to grab the bookmaker bonus. Whenever you signup for a new bookmaker, you will get a deposit bonus, also known as a free bet. The reality is that most of the bookmakers never allow you to withdraw the bonus unless you have bet the full amount of bonus by sometimes and at a certain minimum odd usually set by the bookmaker. So, is it possible to create a sure bet and convert that bonus into guaranteed cash? Well, the answer is YES, and one of the most popular bonuses giving offers is by Bet365 that offer 200 pounds of bonus with the code MAXBET. Still, as a general bookmaker rule, you have to bet the full amount of the bonus three times with each of the bet which must be at a minimum odd of 1.50.

Once you have signed up for a bookmaker and made your first deposit, you will receive the bonus right away. Next, you have to play a bet with your bookmaker. You can choose any sports you like but I recommend go for Football league, especially the Premier League. Now you will choose a match from the given options and place a “Lay Bet” which is usually wagered for an event to become true. So, if you bet that Southampton will win, and if it does you will win your bet.

If you have deposited $100, you will get additional $100 because of 100% bonus. In other words, you will be betting with $200. Now if you win the bet at odds of 1.75, you will get $350, giving you a profit of $150. However, this depends on your luck, and if luck plays its part, you can simply withdraw those earnings. Still, go to the terms and condition section.

Best Free Online Slots No Download Guide

The trend of free slots has been out for a long while, but the problem was the software download and registration form hassle that creates a lot of fuss. At our website, you can find some of the best free online slots no download and start playing your favorite pokers and gambling games right away. You only need a fast internet connection and a laptop or a smartphone, and you are all set to play and practice as much as you want. There is no restriction on playing with real cash as well. You can practice your skills and once you have enough of it, deposit real money and start playing for real cash.


A lot of these casinos also offer bonuses on deposit. Some of these offer a whopping 150% to 200% of bonus. This means if you deposit $100 you will get $100 or $200 absolutely free to play. You simply choose a casino click on your favorite game wait for a few seconds until it loads, grab the free slots and start playing. DaVinci Diamonds is a popular one and best of all you can also play these Free Online Slots No Download on your smartphone or a tablet as well.

With free slot games, you get trail time which is usually unlimited. Always click on the practice or demo mode icon on the front page of the casino website, and you are all hooked up to experience the thrill of real money slots. However, some casinos may not offer all of their games for free. This means you are limited to a few games where you can enjoy free slots, but these are enough to train you for the real game. We recommend bookmarking this website, so you can easily find them in future.


Why You Should Not Play Poker For a Living?

Playing poker as your permanent gig sounds so cool especially when you are great at it. You get to say goodbye to the 8:00am – 5:00pm routine and choose your own working hours. You can even take a vacation whenever you want. And let’s not forget it’s one of the most intriguing games in the world that gives you such a great rush. However, you need to know a few not so good things before you decide to take this road.

Pro poker playing

  • You will need to work hard

You can only play poker for a living if you are a winning player. To become one, you will have to buy just about every book on poker and read almost everything you can get your hands on about the game poker. There will also be hours of training and practice before you can get into the big leagues. Be prepared for losses and disappointments along the way.

  • You will have to set income

Be prepared to have big wins, small wins, huge losses and a few small losses too. You will have to be prepared for anything and know how to manage your finances well.

  • Be prepared to work all day

Before you become a pro poker player playing really high limits, you might have to spend hours on end playing so as to meet the rent and pay the other bills you need to be. Sitting in front of a computer or in a casino all day is not only exhausting but causes great health risks.

  • It will be hard balancing your other obligations

Family, house chores and other responsibilities including a friend’s wedding will be calling for your attention. It might be hard balancing your new ‘job’ with all these other things especially when no one seems to understand how being your own boss is not as easy as it sounds.

Either way if it’s your passion, this should only prepare you not discourage you. Go for it. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Different Ways to Bet on Sports

If you’re brand-new to sports betting, this web page will certainly seek to teach you the significant kinds of wagers. We’ll utilize the image over as a referral for several of them. Particularly, we’ll focus on the Rams/Vikings video game, which resembles this:

Almost in all types of bet on sports, the odds are on a “to one” basis. Simply put, you always obtain your wager back, plus payouts, if you win. So, as an example, if you must wager $11 to win $10, then you would present $11 at the home window, and also the writer will provide you a ticket worth $21 if it wins.


Cash Line

Cash Line wagers are simply on which will certainly win. No factor spreads or any other nonsense.

In most cases, one of the teams will be favored over the other one. So, if you wager the underdog, after that you’re compensated with greater than even money if they win. If you want to bet the preferred, then you will certainly need to risk greater than just what you stand to win.

Point Spread

One of the most common means to wager football and basketball is with a point spread. A lot of sporting activities bettors like a wager that has concerning a 50% opportunity to win. Anything below that and you will probably not win.

To have about a fifty-fifty opportunity of winning a bank on an uneven game, like the Rams vs. Vikings over, the sporting activities books have actually created the “point spread.”


Total Bets resemble point spread bets, other than the wagerer bets on the overall number of points that are scored.

How is the game of poker played?

The term poker is heard, and the first thing in mind comes as the game of gambling. This particular game belongs to the family of the card games. Most games in gambling are all about betting and the major thing focused in all such type of the games is about the betting and making money while you enjoy it.

poker playing

Many wish to learn poker, but the main thing that happens in this is to have patience. The professional poker players have gained so much knowledge because of the number of months and years that they had invested in learning and in mastering this game.

Some of us want the professional poker tips so that we could master the game without wasting money by directly playing in poker.

In a casual gameplay of the poker, the way in dealing hand typically has to be rotated between the players and then that is marked by a token which is called the dealer button. Then the house dealer at the casino handles a card that is decided for each hand.

All cards have to be dealt in the clockwise direction on the poker table and also one at a time. Some players are supposed to do the forced bets that are usually the blind bet or the ante. The dealer has to shuffle all cards and then the player should get the right cuts and also that dealer has to deal properly with appropriate cards in terms of proper numbers one at a time.

The poker tips are numerous when it’s about the playing of this game with proper techniques. There are many tips out there for playing poker. The first is always to play the game only when you are not drunk because decisions often go wrong in such state. And make sure you don’t set high limits because that could lead to loss of money instead of profiting. Paying attention to other players’ way of playing can also save you from making a mistake that may occur while you face a similar situation in the game of poker.

The Golden Nugget Las Vegas: A Ticket to Excellent

Probably one of the oldest and largest casinos in the entire municipality of Las Vegas, the Golden Nugget is undeniably home to good quality entertainment and casino games. Owned by Landry’s Restaurants, this prime property has a total of 38,000 square feet of action-packed gaming space. Aside from the four-diamond rating that it has preserved throughout the years, it promises to bring excellent casino gaming experience to all its visitors and guests.

Aside from additional properties in Laughlin, Nevada, the Golden Nugget also maintains an excellent property in Atlantic City, New Jersey. While the Las Vegas property never runs out of fuzz, it never fails to draw the attention of a serious number of guests and avid casino players from all over the world. While this is one of the best places to go when searching for entertainment, the Golden Nugget Las Vegas is also popular for the utmost hospitality and first-class accommodations that it provides.

In a quest to answer every gaming need and desire of its guests, the Golden Nugget Las Vegas has an expansive roster of high-quality games to offer. Feel the adrenaline rush in while playing any of the mini-baccarat, blackjack, and craps available on the vivid casino floor. At the same time, players and spectators can watch out for all those exciting casino promotions and exciting events available on the building. While the services here are not entirely limited to excellent players, beginners are carefully catered with free lessons on the various important aspects of gaming.

Just like all the top casinos in town, the Golden Nugget supports the campaign of the entire state of Nevada for responsible gaming. To further the cause of the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling, it ensures the well-being of its players by keeping them well informed with the latest data on how to stay on the right track of things. Looking closely at this highly notable and respectable effort, the campaign zeroes in on the various symptoms of problem gambling.

According to keen gaming industry observers, the Golden Nugget poker room is one of the best in providing tournaments and highly competitive contests. The intimate ambiance, elegant decorations, and luxurious seats add up to the lush atmosphere of the card room. To maintain the comfort that it provides, the place ensures smoke-free tables for the players. Simultaneously, the supply of Texas Holdem tournaments is very abundant in this building, running events on a 24/7 basis.

In addition to the aforementioned amenities, the Golden Nugget Las Vegas houses premiere slot and video poker machines in the building. The MegaBucks, Jeopardy, and Elvis machines are readily available for every visitor and guest to lay their hands on. Counting on the Wheel of Fortune, this prime gaming facility has 1,153 slots and video machines.

Why online casino is so popular all over the world?

Gambling has been a popular way of having fun and earning money since the olden times. With the arrival of many things that have lead to modernization and the new age inventions, gambling is not restricted to casinos.

Playing betting and gambling can be done using online casinos. Unlike traditional casinos, the online casinos have all the things online. The people can deposit amount, place bets, buy slots and win money just by few clicks. So much convenience was never possible in the traditional casinos.

Many people prefer online sites for gambling instead of the traditional casino because of several causes. They do not have to go anywhere, and they can easily play while sitting easily with their companions at their homes.

By using the websites of betting and gambling, you can create an account, hire bookies, and take help from them to predict the correct way, book slot, place bets and enjoy the services that the gambling sites offer to the players.

The beginners or professional players and gamblers can enjoy various services offered like the hiplines for creating accounts, or for depositing initial amount or if you are facing technical errors while registration with the gambling sites.

Gambling is done by most people since there is a lot of money that they can earn by just predictions and guessing. Moreover, playing and betting is a fun activity especially when you have friends with you. The online casinos make sure that the players using their sites feel safe, and their money is not used for unnecessary things. These casino sites are legitimate, and the player does not have to be worried about any kind of safety issue. They have certified license and are legal in the countries which they are being operated.

There are many types of casinos based on the kind of games that they have. There are many cities and places on the planet where casinos are famous. But many people will prefer to use online sites for gambling since they cut the cost spent on traveling to the traditional casinos.

If you want to make money by sitting at home comfortably and while having fun then the online casino sites are best. You can sit in a warm chair, use your phone, computer or laptop for placing bets and gamble with various professional players from the world. The online casinos have brought millions of gamblers together for sharing their tips and experience with other players using the site.